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Gorgeous! It's a pretty character with high quality. The asset composition is really good, too.
I hope fantasy or SF costume. I'd really like to buy it if put out more costume or character.


Thanks for the suggestion, I might add some other costumes, including fantasy ones in the future.

It's exactly what you need, when you are looking for character asset packs. Expressions, costumes, hair, everything is on the highest level. 

Suggestion: What about more hand gestures?

Q: Is it ok to use it for NSFW games (After editing it a bit)?

Thank you, glad you like it! I will consider adding more hand gesture.

And sure,  feel free to edit the sprite , and no problem with NSFW too.

Thanks for the draws, youre awesome!!! <3
Do more, i will buy all <3

Thank you very much.

I will continue to create more sprites in the future.

J'apprécie beaucoup votre travail et je suis développeur. J'apprécierai beaucoup que vous me contactiez pour en discuter .Voici mon adresse mail :

Thanks for this! I think it's a really nice way to create my VN characters!

Thank you!

So this must be where all those people who use Ren'Py find their character images! I think this will help me improve from just having to use the demo project assets in Dentist Days.

This is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for! Love the colors and different options. Same goes for the male version, really nice work. :)

Thanks so much! Glad you like it

This is a really nice set and would be perfect for main character side sprites!

Quick question; are we allowed to edit expressions? I was just going to do some mix and match with what is available of the current expressions (for example, let's say I use the eyes for one expression but combine it with the mouth of another) - would this be allowed?


Thanks so much!

And yes, feel free to edit it. 

Awesome, thank you for replying ^^

These are great! Thank you


Thanks and you're welome!

Can I change the hue of some things? I just want  a bit more color options

sure! feel free to edit the colors

Cool. Superb!

Thank you!

Nice! Might use this. ☺

Thank you!


Cool stuff! Will you do male ones? 

Anyway, really i really like what you did. I hope i don't come accross like faking or anything, but i cannot find the words.

So... yeah! Thanks for uploading your work!


Glad You like it! And yes, I'm planning to do male part too in the future

I am second to this male character. Thanks for the cool work.

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