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  • Bust-up sprite in a single PSD file 1011x1145px
  • 5 different hair colors and different combinations of hairstyles (Front and Back)
  • 10 different expressions and outfits
  • Sprite only, no backgrounds

This sprite can be used in personal or commercial projects. however you can't resell the sprite on its own.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or suggestion for my next project. or you can drop by to my deviant art page https://www.deviantart.com/stereo-mono

You can also support me here https://ko-fi.com/sutemo

Thank you.

*Update 07/20/2020

Adding V2 of the file which contain:

  • Bust-up sprite in PSD file with bigger resolution
  • Adding 3 more hair colors:  red, green, blue
  • Adding more hairstyles and costume
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, sprites


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Female Sprite by Sutemo.zip 7 MB
Anime Girl Sprite V2.zip 38 MB
if you pay $2 USD or more

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Great asset!  I'm using it in a demo for an asset I'm building!  Check out what I've got so far!

I needed some assets to start testing renpy. This will come in handy. Thanks a lot! <3

Sutemo, thank you so much for this asset! Using your character, I was able to bring my vision to life for an EXTREMELY short psychological horror VN that I entered into my first game jam. Thank you so much for uploading this free character!

Link for my game if you'd like to see Melanie :) :


would be pretty simple to edit these into live2d models

Thank you so much for sharing the sprite! Love you <3

I highly recommend this! It's free and easy to use. I use this for my YouTube tutorials and grew fond of it that I end up using it for all my tutorials!

thanks for the sprites, I created my first game with them and in the game I mentioned you as the creator of the characters art. Without your sprites it would take much longer and this helps me to continue creating and improving little by little. Thanks

I'll give you a link in case you want to take a look at it


Thank you for your great sprites. I've been using them for my retro PC visual novel prototype ^_^


How did you get that pixel effect

Well, it's not an effect. I downscaled the sprite to 96*128 pixels with 1 bit per pixel, and manually fixed the blunders in Aseprite. I added an outline, and then ZX Spectrum colours (taking attribute clash into account). I had to alter details a lot to make sure that the colours aren't leaking too much. The worst offenders are the girl's blouse and hair, in my case.


Well im very impressed 

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hello there, i want to ask if it is okay to modify some of this assets?

thank you and have a good day

Feel free to modify/edit this assets.

thank you so much ^^

Hi there, REALLY NICE ARTWORK. I was honestly wondering if this is really free becuz its good as hell. i have question tho. In the V2 pack we get a bigger resolution sprite but when i use it in renpy, its too big so im wondering if you know what resolution should i export it to make the sprite fit in with the VN. also the VN im making is 1920 by 1080. thanks in advice

Thank you very much! 

If you use photoshop or clip studio, after you finish customizing the sprite, you can export the image to png file with 40% or 50% resolution. Or you can resize the image after you export it to png single image. Hope it helps.

If you dont have the software, I recommend using online psd editor such as photopea.

thank you, it worked. Really glad for your help plus the art

Thanks for the insight here! Having a bit of trouble with Photopea though. Even though I downloaded the sprites as PNG's, they won't load properly in Renpy, saying they're corrupted or not supported (even though PNG is a supported file type obv). Have you experienced this with Photopea?

The downloaded file is an archived file (zip, rar) so you need to extract the content first using winzip or winrar. The real file should be in psd format.

Hi do you have an email where we can talk?

Deleted 87 days ago

Really, thank you so much for this asset, this helped me a lot because I was worried about how to draw characters


This is honestly one of the best assets out there for those of us who can write but not draw, or are looking to have placeholder assets for their game.

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hello ! So i like your sprites , and i want to get the paid version .. Is there any way to pay with btc ?

Hi! I saw a character creator with your assets. Was it made with your consent?

Sutemo's Character Creator by Exuin (itch.io) <---- link

I didn't ask sutemo for permission, but I didn't need to since these sprites are free to use.

Great sprite work, fitted perfectly with my visual novel. ^-^

Hope to release it soon.

Are you available for commission work ?

I'd like a custom costume if possible.

You can contact me at:


Highly Appreciate your work! Great for placeholders!

Thank you very much!

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Hi there! Lovely work, it your art is really amazing!  Thank you so much for your hard work. 
I've combined my own background with your art to make this little scene~

may I ask, do you have twitter account so I can tag you on it?

Also aha, maybe one day we can do a collab or something like that aha

Very nice and glad you like it! You make a really nice art especially for backgrounds.

And sure! I'd love to do  a collab someday too

Thank you for your work.
Since I need full body on my game,
I try to draw the lower part of body as attached. Is it ok to edit like this ?

Thanks and glad you like it.

And that's a nice edit! and feel free to do so ~


Hi! Thanks so much for making this available; they're beautiful! I used these sprites for my first ever, short VN.


Thank you too! Glad you like them.

And good luck for your projects, I'm glad that my assets could be of some help

Hello, can I ask how do we use it? Because when I download it there's only one character and since I don't know where to open it I can't change the expressions or anything lol


It's a .psd file, which means that it was created with Photoshop. There are free programs that can open Photoshop files, however, like Krita.

Thank u so much!I'll make the video games with your pretty girls.

Thank you too! Good luck for your project

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Well, I made the character creator! https://emily2.itch.io/sutemo

Thank you for your hard work, it looks great!

Hi, sutemo! Your sprites look really awesome! Would it be possible for me to make a interactive character creator out of them to make it easier for people to make sprites?

Hello there! I used this for my upcoming Visual Novel. To my surprise, this is actually cool! Thanks for making this. Would recommend using this if you're a developer.

You're welcome and thank you too!

Thank you so much for producing these high quality sprites. We are planning to use them in a visual novel. We would like to say the source of the sprite in the credits. Is there a way you prefer to be credited for your work?


Thank you very much! Feel free to use them for your project, and just normal credit is ok.

Hi! Thank you for kawaii sprites! I hope will working with you in the future.


Thank you very much!


hey these are really good I'm assuming you made them your self.馃榿

I'm actually making a visual novel and i need some specific characters. i was wondering if you could help me since its a fan game of undertale. I'm not sure if your farmiliar with the game (if not please watch a gameplay of it to ruffly understand what it is.)  but i was wondering if you could make the characters for it. you will be credited in the novel and can play it first if you wish once i finish.

(also if you can you do backrounds  as well馃槄)

undertale lets plays. nutural ending 


Thank you for the offer, but I don't take anymore projects this time. Sorry, and good luck for your fangame :)

I don't know if I'm dumb or something but how do you open this to use it?


Unzip the file, then open it using the software that support psd files such as photoshop, clip studio paint or paint tool sai. If you don't have the software, try using online psd editor such as photopea. Hope it helps

Very Good Job from france !

you deserve your payment :D

Thank you very much!

M a d  s u s

Hi,  Just wanna say amazing work! I was thinking of using these sprites in a visual novel project. It's a choice based game in the form of a choose your own adventure book.  I've written the story and have 8 endings.  Would it be cool if I use these?  And when completed I'd love for you to check it out?

Hi, thank you and feel free to use my sprites.

And sure! I'd love to see it once it's done, good luck for your project!

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Hi! If I buy this can I use this wherever or whatever I'm working on for myself? I'm planning on making a visual novel but I'm not an artist so I'm looking for sprites like this. Where or how can I pay you? BTW this are amazing sprites great work!


Thanks! You can use it for your project, both personal use and commercial use. You can also edit it freely (change colors, add more feature, etc) This is a free sprite but there's a paid option which you can download another version with more features. 

I love these!

Thank you! Glad you love 'em

Hi, just a question, can i modify a bit the sprites? is for making a demo of a VN i want to make.

Sure! Feel free to edit the sprites

These are great, would love to know if you take on Visual Novel game work?

You did a great job on these! I used your sprites in a small proof of concept game linked below. Let me know if you're okay with how I used them and what not. Hope you get a kick out of the game.


Thank you for using my sprites!  And I find your starting tutorial of the game really interesting, keep it up!

Good Asst

Thank you!

I love these! I'm curious though, what background is that you are using in the second screenshot and where can I get it (and others like it?)


Also.. when I download I can only access Version 1? Where's the Version 2?

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