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Hey, I know you've made the eye color changer for the female v2, is there a simple way to change the eye color for the male?

If you have the female v2, try to copy the color edit layer to the male psd file.

If you still confused, please let me know

I do! I'll give that a try

I'm no good with PS, but I just copy/pasted the layer and made it into a clipping plane and changed the hue to green but no difference. I can move the entire female eyes over but the mouths are quite different and looks a bit odd. Do I need to do something else to get the color to apply?

You should adjust the color balance. I am not using photoshop so I don't know where it is but should be in filters. It's not perfect tho, but good enough if you use it corectly

it's amazing <3, dont have v2 like the female sprites?

It's amazing, thank you so much!

But in my case, there's a little issue with the payment method. I can't pay with PayPal. :( So if it doesn't bother you too much could you please also add payment via card?

hey man, im a programer, want to make a visual novel?

Thanks for the offering, however I'm not taking anymore projects.

Good luck on your project

Loved it!

Thanks, glad you love it!

How do I open it? I only have a .itch folder and a internet explorer file.

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You need to unzip/extract the .zip file first using [winzip] or [winrar]  and it contain the psd file which then you can open it by using art software like photoshop, clip studio paint or paint tool sai.

Totally awesome!