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excuse me why i get 1 photo in this zip?


You need to open the psd file using  software such as Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. If you don't have them, you can try using hope it helps

but i can't drawing

You don't need to draw anything. All you need to do is open the file in one of those softwares. And if any of the mentioned softwares doesn't fits you, MediBang Paint Pro can also open this type of files.

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hey guys, uh how do i open an PSD file on my android? And believe me man, i really wanted to donate but im just a 17 yrs old kid with no paypal acc. who uses VN maker just to express the ideas on my mind.

Thank you so much for this. The art is so amazing 

Thank you too!

Hello! Thank you so much for making these assets. They are amazing. Can I please make one request? Can you please make a dress shirt that has a buttoned up collar, and perhaps one with a tie that isn’t loose? I will gladly pay you to do so if you give me the means

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Obrigada Sutemo, por criar esses sprites, eu não sei desenhar ou criar personagens, então irei usar os seus Sprites okay. Achei eles bem adoráveis, e irá me ajudar bastante, muito obrigada. Como devo colocar seu nome para creditá-lo em meu jogo? Estou bastante feliz e ansiosa para poder usá-los.

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you so much for creating it. Can't wait to use it in my game. I will of course credit you. Thanks for such a fab tool!

Hello, I will be using these sprites in a game, what name do I use to give the credits??

Just write my username here, "sutemo", thank you for using my sprites

Hello, I'll be using these sprites on YouTube. Is crediting required? Thank you!


Thanks for using them, feel free to use with/without crediting :)

Hello ! I'm using the female sprite for the Trijam^^, a game jam^^ Thank you so much !

Hey, I know you've made the eye color changer for the female v2, is there a simple way to change the eye color for the male?

If you have the female v2, try to copy the color edit layer to the male psd file.

If you still confused, please let me know

I do! I'll give that a try

I'm no good with PS, but I just copy/pasted the layer and made it into a clipping plane and changed the hue to green but no difference. I can move the entire female eyes over but the mouths are quite different and looks a bit odd. Do I need to do something else to get the color to apply?

You should adjust the color balance. I am not using photoshop so I don't know where it is but should be in filters. It's not perfect tho, but good enough if you use it corectly

it's amazing <3, dont have v2 like the female sprites?

It's amazing, thank you so much!

But in my case, there's a little issue with the payment method. I can't pay with PayPal. :( So if it doesn't bother you too much could you please also add payment via card?

hey man, im a programer, want to make a visual novel?

Thanks for the offering, however I'm not taking anymore projects.

Good luck on your project

Loved it!

Thanks, glad you love it!

How do I open it? I only have a .itch folder and a internet explorer file.

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You need to unzip/extract the .zip file first using [winzip] or [winrar]  and it contain the psd file which then you can open it by using art software like photoshop, clip studio paint or paint tool sai.

Totally awesome!